Highlighting Hemp Research

Hemp is an amazing plant. It’s the source of an ever-growing list of products that are finding uses in a litany of applications, from medicinal treatments and as feedstock for new materials to sources of protein, superconductors and renewable polymers displacing single-use plastics. The list is far too expansive to detail here and growing almost […]

Hemp pedigree: What you need to know

The high-CBD flower produced by 1812 Hemp is derived from pedigree seed, as per Health Canada’s regulatory requirements under the Cannabis Act. But what is pedigree? The pedigree seed system in Canada is managed by the Canadian Seed Growers Association (CSGA), a member-driven organization that has regulatory authority via the Seeds Act and Regulations, and […]

The Hemp (CBD) Market Play

So much of the cannabis sector in Canada has formed around the THC market. Starting with medical, moving into recreational and now towards the plethora of opportunities that are Cannabis 2.0. What we don’t hear much about is the opportunity that is CBD and more specifically CBD from hemp. Both CBD and THC can be […]

Waiting out the Storm

We know that there is a lot happening in Canada’s cannabis sector. Cannabis company stocks are up and down like yo-yos. All you have to do is check BNNBloomberg’s Stock Watchlist to see how much things are in flux. Analysts believe it will be a bumpy road ahead for cannabis executives this year as the […]

Compliance = Quality: What you need to know

Maybe you already know or maybe it’s news to you but the regulatory compliance required for the production and sale of hemp flower for CBD is different from the regulatory and compliance required for the sale of THC cannabis flower. The difference is traceability and provenance related to the product. Hemp producers must submit documentation […]