Highlighting Hemp Research

Hemp is an amazing plant. It’s the source of an ever-growing list of products that are finding uses in a litany of applications, from medicinal treatments and as feedstock for new materials to sources of protein, superconductors and renewable polymers displacing single-use plastics. The list is far too expansive to detail here and growing almost daily. The variety and variability of genetics currently available for hemp, and the genetic plasticity within these varieties allow for the development and implementation of production models to optimize the yield of specific products feeding these markets.

Simply growing hemp is not overly challenging, but growing hemp well and in a manner that is easily harvestable, high-yielding and ultimately profitable is no easy feat; it requires a significant amount of specialty knowledge. Here at 1812 we are generating that knowledge through our multi-year field programs, designed to asses the suitability of a diverse array of agronomic systems for the production of high-quality CBD hemp flower

Field Trials

Dr. Ron Smith (PhD, RPF) is a research scientist and retired geneticist with the Canadian Forest Service. Ron has spent his career working in tree improvement, and has more recently worked in the development of extractives and bioactive compounds from native plant species via the creation of high-yielding varieties using specialized breeding programs. In 2019 Ron initiated 1812’s agronomic assessment program, designing and evaluating multiple production systems and assessing the resulting hemp crops produced. The yield curves generated profile crop development by biomass type derived from each production system, tracked across the duration of the growing season. This data then allows us to properly time interventions such as fertilization, irrigation, cultivation and ultimately optimize harvest timing. It also allows us to make sense of the inherent variability that results from the interaction of genetics and the biotic and abiotic environment – hemp does funny things depending upon what curves and stresses mother natures throws at it.  Understanding the implications of these stressors is extremely valuable in managing our field production systems to maximize productivity.

Growing high quality, high-yield and cost-effective CBD biomass requires an optimized, dedicated production system. The fundamental work that Dr. Smith is doing for 1812 Hemp is allowing us to do exactly that – dial in a class-leading production system delivering world class product.   

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