Compliance = Quality: What you need to know

Maybe you already know or maybe it’s news to you but the regulatory compliance required for the production and sale of hemp flower for CBD is different from the regulatory and compliance required for the sale of THC cannabis flower.

The difference is traceability and provenance related to the product. Hemp producers must submit documentation through Health Canada’s CTLS system to prove:

  1. They have permission to grown on a farmer’s field
  2. They have planted only pedigree seed (CSGA Seed Tag #’s)
  3. They have only planted a cultivar from the HC LOAC (no clonal material yet)
  4. They have the appropriate amendments to their license that allow them to harvest and sell the flower (or seed, or grain or leaves and branches)
  5. They have in-field THC results for the their crop that demonstrate compliance (below 0.3% or less)

Given that industrial hemp producers (producing flower) can only sell to a cannabis license holder with a license to process, this provenance documentation must also accompany the sale of the hemp flower and the cannabis purchaser must submit similar information to Health Canada as part of their monthly CTLS reporting as hemp product purchased.

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