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Don’t put your product, your brand, your reputation or your license at risk. Purchase extraction ready high CBD flower with confidence.


We are your single-desk solution for purchasing high CBD hemp flower. We are committed to ensuring full tractability & provenance of our product, from seed to sale and ensuring our customers remain fully compliant with Health Canada.

Using only pedigree seed from Health Canada’s List of Approved Cultivars, we produce:

  • Consistently high CBD hemp flower (with no stalk or seed – just the refined flower) grown by GACP (Good Agriculture and Collection Practices) certified growers
  • Fully traceable product that includes CSGA (Canadian Seed Growers Association) seed tag numbers and Certificates of Analysis from Health Canada approved labs

Our Blog

Compliance = Quality: What you need to know

Maybe you already know or maybe it’s news to you but the regulatory compliance required for the production and sale of hemp flower for CBD is different from the regulatory and compliance required for the sale of THC cannabis flower. The difference is traceability and provenance related to the product. Hemp producers must submit documentation […]

Who We Are

We are a dedicated team of professional farmers, agrologists, plant breeders and business professionals passionate about hemp and the whole plant opportunities it represents.

Our Story

We believe foundational genetics are important. Our cultivars have been bred for North American climates and have developed natural disease and pest resistance.

We grew out of a market need for high CBD flower.

What We Produce

We grow and harvest high CBD hemp cultivars for the cannabis marketplace under our Health Canada industrial hemp license.

Yes, the pictures are from our fields.

Where We Are

We currently have 35 farmers tending to hundreds of acres in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Ontario. All our plants produce high CBD flower, grain, and fibre.

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